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All the biology is based on evolution. Evolution is the organizing principle for understanding the shared history of all organisms. Bioinformatics has evolved from its initial function of storage and maintenance of data repositories to present day application of computational techniques for biological sequence analysis, structural bioinformatics, simulations of molecular interactions like metabolic pathways and gene networks and also for rational drug design. BioinfoIndia has been started to collect young as well as experienced bioinformaticians to derive the maximum benefit from this deluge of biological sequence information, to deal with it in a concerned way; establishing, maintaining and disseminating various kinds of databases, providing easy to use software to access the information contained in these databases, developing models and algorithms for the processing of complex biological processes; and to develop state-of-the-art analysis tools to visualize and interpret the structural, functional and evolutionary clues latent in the biological data.
BioinfoIndia: Shaping Bioinformatics in India